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The most extensive cybersecurity analysis built to prevent your business from cyber attacks. Clarity and simplicity: you don't need to be a specialized IT to understand the cyber risks your company is facing.

MuscopeRisk is a cybersecurity rating (CYSR) platform that performs an in depth risk assessment of your company from a perspective of a criminal hacker all automatically in a maximum of 30 minutes.

The platform analyzes your company’s attack perimeter from external and dark web data, identifies your vulnerabilities, provides a security rating from 0 to 100, a monetary annual risk for specific types of cyber attacks and a detailed action plan in order to ensure higher organization’s safety.

As a bonus, the platform calculates a monetary annual risk for specific types of cyberattacks and incidents.

1. Attack Perimeter

We take an in-depth look at your company's external and darkweb data to identify and understand your attack perimeter, and provide actionable insights to help you better protect your organization.

2. Cyber Security Rating

Our Cyber Security Rating service uses data from your attack surface, compares it to industry standards, and provides you with a regularly updated security score, giving you a clear understanding of your organization's cyber security posture.

3. Cyber Security Risk

Our platform calculates risk by analyzing key elements of your attack surface and cybersecurity rating, utilizing the Open Fair methodology to calculate the annual risk for specific types of cyber-attacks and incidents.

About us

Muscope: where expertise meets innovation. Born two years ago, Muscope is the brainchild of four seasoned cybersecurity experts, based in Milan. Our purpose? To simplify and fortify your digital defense.

Meet our dynamic team, dedicated to providing tailored cybersecurity solutions. With MuscopeRisk, our cutting-edge platform, we empower organizations to navigate the digital landscape securely.

On a mission to prevent cyber attacks aimed at your company with forever evolving technology

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Join us in reshaping cybersecurity for the future.

  • Enterprise cyber risk

    Muscope highlights your company's infrastructure exposed to the outside world as seen by a malicious hacker. It analyzes the attack perimeter, calculates a cybersecurity rating by comparing data with similar companies, and identifies potential vulnerabilities and risks.

  • Third party risk management

    Muscope offers Third-Party Risk Management to ensure the security of business partners, suppliers and clients. Muscope analyzes and evaluates risk through various methods to maintain high levels of security, protecting against breaches that occur due to a business partner being compromised.

  • Continuous Assessment

    Continuous Assessment by Muscope involves ongoing analysis of the attack perimeter, daily monitoring of IPs, websites, DNS servers, and all elements of the company's infrastructure and exposures to ensure complete protection.

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